Diverse coalition launches to protect flexible jobs that support families, small businesses, local brick & mortar retail and the opportunity to pursue an education

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

‘Flexible Work for New York’ Campaign Includes New York Business Groups, Civic Orgs & Tech Companies

New York, NY – New York’s business groups, widely used app-based technology companies, and civic organizations from across the state today launched the Flexible Work for New York coalition, an effort to protect New Yorkers’ ability to maintain flexible work hours that fit their schedules and support their families. Coalition members are demanding that New York legislators stand with constituents who rely on these innovative, flexible work opportunities to supplement their incomes by working when, where, and for however long they want and to expand protections for workers.

“New Yorkers rely on flexible work to start small businesses, care for loved ones, get an education on their own time, and more. We urge state lawmakers to protect flexible, independent work and convene workers, lawmakers, and industry to expand new historic worker protections for these New Yorkers,” said the Flexible Work for New York coalition in a statement.

Flexible Work for New York will bring together the resources of coalition members in a campaign to ensure that Albany protects the choice to work for multiple platforms on a part-time basis. New York has a historic opportunity to craft 21st-century laws that bring labor & workers together to reflect the modern and diverse way in which we live and work; one that balances worker flexibility with worker protections.

According to the Department of Labor’s survey of independent workers – the most comprehensive survey of alternative work arrangements in the U.S. economy – independent workers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their work arrangements, and few say they would prefer a traditional form of employment. Moreover, a national 2016 survey showed that most independent workers freelance by choice.

2017 Census data shows that more than 2.7 million independent contractors work in transportation and warehousing; 2.8 million contractors are in personal services (barbers, beauticians, nail technicians, and hairdressers); 2.1 in administrative and support services (includes call centers, hiring agencies and debt collection agencies); 1.7 million specialty trade contractors; and 1.3 million athletes and performing artists.


Flexible Work for New York is a diverse coalition of app-based technology companies, business groups, and civic organizations from across New York State, which is leading the charge to protect workers’ rights to work when, where, and for however long they want. A full list of coalition members can be found at nycoalition4independentwork.com.

Flexible Work for New York