Long Island Chambers of Commerce and Business Groups Urge Lawmakers to Protect Worker Flexibility

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Long Island, NY – Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce, Riverhead Chamber of Commerce, Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce, Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Long Island Advancement of Small Business, Long Island Association (LIA), and Long Island Software and Technology Network (LISTnet) today announced that they are joining the Flexible Work for New York Coalition, an effort to protect New Yorkers’ ability to maintain flexible work hours that fit their schedules and support their families. The new members join the coalition in an effort to urge New York State legislators to consider the devastating economic impacts and unintended consequences of overly broad legislation that seeks to reclassify flexible workers. 

“Flexible work opportunities have provided substantial benefits by spurring Long Island’s economy, while expanding earnings opportunities for thousands of residents living in Farmingdale and across Long Island,” said Joseph A. Garcia, President of Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce. “As Albany lawmakers propose legislation to reclassify flexible work, they must consider the thousands of Long Island businesses and residents who rely on flexible jobs to support their small businesses, care for loved ones, pursue an education, or supplement their existing income.” 

In California, a new law that attempts to force hundreds of thousands of workers to become employees is causing massive uncertainty across the state’s economy, already affecting thousands of local businesses and families of flexible workers. As Albany lawmakers attempt to pass legislation mirroring the California law this legislative session, they should be mindful of the unintended consequences that could throw New Yorkers’ financial stability into jeopardy. Such a law would threaten the freedom of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who choose to work on their own schedule, and could lead to set shifts, flat wages and limits on the number of people who can earn on these platforms. New York has the opportunity to consider worker protections without jeopardizing worker’s flexibility. 

2017 Census data shows that more than 2.7 million independent contractors work in transportation and warehousing; 2.8 million contractors are in personal services (barbers, beauticians, nail technicians, and hairdressers); 2.1 in administrative and support services (includes call centers, hiring agencies and debt collection agencies); 1.7 million specialty trade contractors; and 1.3 million athletes and performing artists.

Full list of coalition members: 

100 Black Men

Allentown Associates 

Amherst Chamber of Commerce

Binghamton Chamber

Brennan’s Bowery Bar

Buffalo Loft

Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association

Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Buffalo Place

Business Council of New York State

Capital Region Chamber of Commerce

Centerstate Corporation For Economic Opportunity


Colter Bay

Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce 

Destination Niagara USA


Ellicott Development 

Elmwood Village Association

Farmingdale Chamber

Food Industry Alliance

Glen Cove Chamber



Internet Association 

Liberty Hound


Long Island Advancement of Small Business

Long Island African American Chamber

Long Island Association



Niagara USA Chamber

NYC Hispanic Chamber


Riverhead Chamber

Rockland Business Association 

Signature Development 




Thin Man Brewery

Trucking Association of New York


Ulster Chamber

Unshackle Upstate


Visit Buffalo Niagara


Flexible Work for New York is a diverse coalition of app-based technology companies, business groups, and civic organizations from across New York State, which is leading the charge to protect workers’ rights to work when, where, and for however long they want. A full list of coalition members can be found at  nycoalition4independentwork.com.

Flexible Work for New York